2 Years of Luke Tailor’s ‘TextBook Money’


So, this past Saturday night I bought my old domain name back (my old .COM) and figured why not start blogging again? I’m not sure if I still want to blog solely about music or if I want to use this blog to just post random writings of mine. For now, though, I just wanted to acknowledge the two-year anniversary of TextBook Money, one of my favorite debut mixtapes from Sacramento hip-hop/spoken word artist Luke Tailor.

I swear, it feels like just yesterday I was standing at the front of the stage at Young Roddy‘s Red Eye show at Sol Collective when he took to the stage and instantly made me a fan. Out of all of the openers that performed that night, he was the only one whose performance stood out to me, the only opener whose name I remembered once the night was over.

Man, I was so intrigued by what I had heard that I found him on Twitter and Facebook the very next day and hit him up expressing how DOPE I thought he was. I just couldn’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that we resided in the very same county and I had never heard any of his work until that night.

Everyone that knows me is very well aware of just how picky I am when it comes to music; so, it was rare for me to head home from a show having officially declared myself a fan of someone new. In fact, ever since being introduced to his music three years ago, there’s sadly only been ONE artist (in Sacramento) that has made me a fan on the spot like he did. That’s another story for another day, though.

Anyway, I told myself three years ago that I would go above and beyond to spread the word about his art and that is still my mission. I’m a fan of many artists, but only once in a blue moon do you come across an artist whose music sincerely touches you just simply based off of the passion they exude.

I can tell when an artist makes music just because it’s something they find themselves to be good at and they can bring in a little extra stream of income from it and I can tell when an artist creates because it’s all they know how to do, because it’s the only way they know how to survive, because it’s their identity and their catharsis, because they couldn’t see life without it and because it’s as natural to them as breathing. He is the epitome of an artist who creates for every single one of those reasons.

It ain’t the same; you can tell when they not rapping from they heart… – Luke Tailor, Villains

TextBook Money tells the story of struggles that many college students can relate to. Not even just hardships that come along with being a college student, though. Hardships that naturally come along with being an adult, period. Real life issues that some people are too afraid to speak out about and even just barely scratch the surface on. Either you’ve gone through it or are GOING through it. Whatever the case may be, TextBook Money is worth the listen and deserves to be heard.

Listen below.

Event: Bas Live at The Boardwalk June 18


Dreamville hip-hop signee Bas will be touching down in Sacramento to perform at The Boardwalk for his Too High to Riot tour, in support of his album of the same name. Accompanying him will be his labelmate, CozzEarthgang, The Hics and Ron Gilmore.

In addition to the artists listed above, Sacramento emcee and spoken word artist, Luke Tailor, will also be among those opening. If you have yet to familiarize yourself with his music, you can do so here and here.

If you reside in Sacramento, or near the area, and would like to purchase a ticket from him, please be sure to contact him via Twitter or Instagram: @LukeTailor.

EVENT: Sza Live at Harlow’s Monday, December 8



TDE’s very own Sza will be touching down at Harlow’s on Monday, December 8 for what will serve as her very first show in the 916. The big-haired beauty will be accompanied by her live band. In addition, Sacramento’s very own spoken word and hip-hop artist Luke Tailor will be opening up and blessing concertgoers with sounds from his debut mixtape, TextBook Money. This event, coordinated by none other than ENT Legends, will be an all ages event and is sure to be a live one. Tickets are only going for $20, so you know you can’t beat that. Head on over to ENT Legends to purchase yours now before the show is sold out!

Mixtape: Luke Tailor – “TextBook Money”



After having waited several seemingly endless months for the release of Luke Tailor‘s debut mixtape, TextBook Money, the Sacramento native is finally prepared to present us with what serves as a soundtrack for every college student who knows what it’s like having to share textbooks with a classmate during a lecture because you either couldn’t afford to purchase the book on your own or because your financial aid didn’t come through on time. Or, maybe you had to go hungry throughout the school day because you had to rely on the little chump change you did have to get you home on public transportation.

Whatever the case was or currently may be, please trust that this tape is for you. Even if you’ve never had an experience with college, but you can simply relate to the struggle of life and being broke in general, then this one is for you. If you’re a fan of real, raw, relatable lyricism, give TextBook Money a listen.

Download here.

Luke Tailor’s Got “Sallie Mae Blues” In His Latest Track


SheBreathesMusic.net, SheBreathesMusic, She Breathes MusicIn the first leak from his debut mixtape, TextBook Money, Sol Collective hip-hop and spoken word artist Luke Tailor touches on a topic that I know more than half of you starving college students can relate to.

It’s hard to study when your stomach grumbles, it’s even harder when ya baby brother has a daughter. You watch him try to find a balance between being a father and all you do is watch with sympathy because ya pockets empty.

Any college student in debt from having taken out student loans or any student that has had to support themselves throughout college without the help of their parents can relate to “Sallie Mae Blues.”

If you can’t, then you simply aren’t familiar with the particular struggle that Luke Tailor speaks on in this song.

Be on the look out for TextBook Money, expected to be released soon.