Listen to Nipsey Hussle’s Interview on the Rap Radar Podcast

I know I’m a little bit late but I deleted/deactivated most of my social media accounts two months ago, so since then I haven’t really been keeping myself up to date on all of the latest music and/or interviews. This morning, though, I was watching old videos on YouTube when a suggestion for this Rap Radar interview with Nipsey Hussle appeared in my YouTube feed. I’m a big Naybahood Nip fan, music and business-wise, so it was a must I take some time out to listen to this.

If you know like I do, then you know Nipsey stays dropping gems in not only his music, but his interviews as well. So, I couldn’t not listen to this and pass up what he was dropping with B. Dot and Elliott Wilson. As expected, he discusses his phenomenal and motivating Grammy-nominated album Victory Lap, projects he’s currently working on and much more! Check it out!