It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on my blog and lately I’ve been trying to get back into my writing. I was reading some of my old poems and posts and I even shared some with others and I realize that I really need to put my writing out there more and stop being so afraid. One of the main reasons I don’t post my writing more is because it’s usually personal and I always worry about people having questions for me after they read my writing and I don’t like to be that open with just anyone. However, I’m gonna put forth the effort to share my writing here on this blog.. whether I share it to my socials, that is still up in the air.

I wrote this poem a couple of months ago. I never titled it; I literally just picked a name for it as I began typing this blog post. I shall call it ‘Ghosted.’ Enjoy.

You walked out of my life

Just as randomly as you walked into it

Wish I could say I was surprised

But unfortunately, I’ve already been through it

I’ve been ghosted before

Ghosted by those that swore

Up and down

That they were never leaving

Promises they broke

Prior to breaking my heart

Led to this continuous bleeding

That it now feels

Now I’m once again grieving

The loss of something

That could’ve been so real

Although it was short-lived

Being in your presence was fun

I showed a side of me to you

That I don’t show to everyone

Vulnerable and free

My inhibitions didn’t exist

Now all I’m left with are memories

To remember the way

You’d grab onto my hips

As we locked lips upon lips

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