15 Years of ‘Confessions’

If I could turn back the hands of time and go back 15 years just to relive the excitement surrounding the release of what has undoubtedly gone on to be Usher‘s most timeless album, Confessions, I would do so in a heartbeat.

I was a 12-year-old seventh grader attending Park Middle School when Usher dropped this banger on us and I can recall life being so much more simpler back then. Everyone was elated the day this album dropped; you’d think it was a holiday or something. Shoot, as someone who was already a big Usher fan, in my eyes, it WAS a holiday.

I was enrolled in Mr. Main’s computer class back in the 7th grade and I remember whenever I had finished all of my work, I would browse the web and print out lyrics to some of my favorite songs. So, when Confessions dropped, you can bet I went to WORK with that printer. Heck, I even had my siblings and cousins coming to me to ask to either print out or write the lyrics out by hand for themselves. I was a shy kid and although I hated for people to catch me singing/rapping along to songs, I still took pride in memorizing the lyrics to my favorite songs.

When I say that I learned that album like the back of my hand, I’m not even lying. I had the tracklist burned into my mind. A song could be playing and I could tell you exactly which song was going to come on next. It was that real.

With all of the controversy surrounding Usher and Chilli’s highly-publicized breakup, “Burn” was the song that seemed to receive the most spins. You couldn’t walk outside without seeing a car driving past with “Burn” blaring out of their sound system. I repeatedly played it, too, as if my young 12-year-old heart had ever even experienced any heartbreak. Still, the song resonated with me and it still does today at 27 years old.

I know I haven’t consistently blogged in a hot minute, but I HAD to pay HOMAGE to this MASTERPIECE of an album! ❤


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