Video: Nipsey Hussle Ft. Stacy Barthe – “Victory Lap”

I’m finna take it there. This time around, I’ma make it clear. Spoke some things into the Universe and they appeared. I’ll say it’s worth it; I won’t say it’s fair. Find yo’ purpose or you wasting air…

Continuing the wave he’s been riding throughout all of last year, Nipsey Hussle provides us with the official visuals to his highly-motivational Stacy Barthe-featured “Victory Lap,” which serves as the introduction to his album of the same name. Watching this video, I can’t help but to be proud because I’ve really witnessed his growth, not only as an artist, but as a businessman.

I can remember the first time I ever even heard of him. I was 15 and I had just bought the Pac’s Life album and I heard him on “International.” Man, it’s just crazy to see how far he’s come since then. You just can’t help but to respect the hustle.. or, excuse me, HUSSLE. Anytime I listen to his music or watch an interview, my motivation is just amplified. In addition to that, Victory Lap, in its entirety, has really just been getting me through life. Last year was full of changes and there were moments where I just wanted to break down and I can say that Victory Lap definitely helped me to not lose my cool, if you will. You just have to respect it.

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