Music: Rochelle Jordan Ft. iamsu! – “Playa 4 Life”

After having been done wrong one too many times to recall, Toronto songstress Rochelle Jordan pulls her player card back out and vows to never wear her heart on her sleeve any longer.

Now I play the game with Hearts Galore, ’cause I don’t know how to trust anymore.

In an attempt to coax her into changing her mind, Bay Area native iamsu!, who also sampled Jordan’s “Losing,” for the $uzy 6 $peed “Losin’,” hops on to deliver a verse running nothing but game.

Girls tryna get with me and take my focus, but I refuse to give a dime to a broke b*tch. And every other girl I find got me hopeless; I’m tryna give a piece of mind when I wrote this. I’m living, doing me. And maybe you can see; I really hope that you could be everything you believe, ’cause I believe in you…”

“Playa 4 Life” serves as the first official single off of Jordan’s forthcoming LP, 1021, which is set to be released later this fall. Be on the lookout for it.

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