Music: Jhené Aiko – “Wading”

Now that Jhené Aiko‘s long-awaited album, Souled Out, has finally hit the shelves and internet, I can finally post about one of my favorite songs on the album. While giving Souled Out its “First Play” on iTunes a couple of days ago, “Wading” was the one that immediately had me like, “Yup, I can already tell this is going to be one of my favorites.” Because, like many of her songs, I can relate so much to the lyrics in the song; which I’m sure many of us can. Right?

Picture me rolling, out in the open. Baby, I know .. that you would notice. You have been hoping I wouldn’t go. Should I be wading, should I be wading for you?

Don’t keep me wading; I will turn blue.

Picture me rolling, out in the open with some other man. I know.. that you would notice and you were hoping feelings wouldn’t start to.. grow..

While I was wading, while I was wading for you.
I have been wading, I will be wading ’til I turn blue.

Isn’t that how it always goes? You call yourself ‘trying’ to get over someone (but you’re really ‘wading’ for them) by spending time with someone new, and then the person you’re so-called ‘trying’ to get over wants to pop back into the picture out of nowhere? People, I tell you.

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