Listen to Luke Tailor’s Cover of “Be Free”

With the police brutality that has tragically claimed the life of 18-year-old Ferguson native Michael Brown, citizens worldwide have not only taken to the streets to protest and try to get across their anger and frustration, but their social platforms as well. 21-year-old hip-hop recording and spoken word artist, Luke Tailor, takes to his platform to share with us his cover of J. Cole‘s “Be Free,” a song that touches on the social injustice African-Americans, specifically young black males, face in today’s society.

Society wonders why we (black men) are so angry. I wonder how they have the NERVE to ask why we are so angry!? We are being systematically killed off! I have an 18 and year and 21 old brother. Any day now, any of us are liable to die, unarmed, at the hands of an officer for breathing!

Take a listen to “Be Free (After J. Cole)” below!

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