Listen to JaVonté’s “The Covers” How long has it been since we’ve gotten new music from JaVonté, though? Don’t worry, I’ll wait. For those of you who THINK you’re unfamiliar with the 25-year-old neo soul crooner, chances are you’ve heard him on a couple of TDE projects, such as Kendrick‘s “Opposites Attract (Tomorrow Without Her)” or even Ab-Soul‘s “Empathy.”

Let’s not get it twisted, though, JaVonté hasn’t established a fanbase for himself by solely singing hooks for your favorite emcees; dude can hold his own and his new body of work definitely proves it. On his latest offering, appropriately titled The Covers, JaVonté covers cuts from Coldplay, Beyoncé and Naked Eye, etc. My favorite is “Latch,” but I’ll let you all listen to it for yourself.

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