Ryan Leslie Set to Launch Artist-to-Fan Platform

13_RL_394Multifaceted musician Ryan Leslie is currently in the process of developing his very own direct artist-to-fan platform, Disruptive Multimedia. The platform, slated for a launch on July 4, will allow for artists to directly sell both music and merchandise to fans. In addition to that, artists will also be able to utilize the platform to create membership clubs and communicate with their fans. Disruptive Multimedia (DMM)  has received praise and been backed by Andreesen Horowitzco-founder Ben Horowitz, who had this to say:

Ryan is a genius and is about to transform the music industry and re-balance it in favor of the artists.

In an early 2013 interview with D: Dive Into Media, Beats Electronics CEO and co-founder Jimmy Iovine revealed that Beats by Dre would be working on a similar platform that would help artists preserve their data.

Right now, they [music services] have all the information and the artists have no information. No one knows.. I don’t know. I own a record company. I would die to know who bought my records on iTunes or bought my tickets on TicketMaster.”

RL_397Aside from being a direct-to-consumer platform, DMM differs from Beats because of its capability of engaging with fans on a more personal level by permitting direct SMS communication between the artists and the fans.

Disruptive Multimedia offers a direct-to-consumer business model that is second to none. This will be a revolutionary model for audiences to be able to communicate with their favorite artists. Artists will now see full royalties from one record and, more importantly, retain control of their data.

Disruptive Multimedia is currently being used by artists such as 50 Cent, Talib Kweli and Raphael Saadiq. For those of you who would like to find out more information about the platform can do so here and can even shoot Leslie a direct text message at (915) 600-6978.

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