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Dizzy Wright Releases New EP “State of Mind”, shebreathesmusicThere have been many times when I’ve heard people say that new artists of today’s generation create music with no substance. Well, such is not the case for Dizzy Wright. Unlike many artists in today’s industry, Wright doesn’t have and doesn’t need a gimmick. His music, which promotes peace, progression and positivity, pretty much speaks for itself.

While there’s nothing wrong with party music, Wright understands that using his talent to promote things of higher importance is what gain him the respect and recognition he rightfully deserves. On his track “State of Mind” from his new EP of the same name, Wright tells his listeners that:

It’s hard to advise these n*ggas that’s tryna rhyme. ‘Cause money ain’t everything, but yo’ state of mind become them dollar signs. Poison the planet, y’all feeding off all kinda lies and these new slaves is mentally traumatized.

Keep spreading that positivity, Dizzy!

Click here to purchase State of Mind on iTunes.


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