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Download Jon Connor’s New Mixtape “Best in the World”, She Breathes MusicA couple of months have elapsed since Jon Connor released his last mixtape, Unconscious State, but Connor Season has officially made its way back around and Connor is back with something new for the fans. It’s no secret that he likes to go in over classic material from artists such as Jay Z and Eminem, and make them into his own (IE: The Blue Album and The People’s Rapper LP).

Well, the latest artist to receive some Connor treatment is none other than Hov’s partner-in-crime himself, Kanye West. On his new tape Best in the World, Connor takes a couple of West tracks which include “Power,” “New Slaves,” “Workout Plan,” “Flashing Lights” and “Black Skinhead,” just to name a few.

On “Flashing Lights” Connor touches on an array of topics such as being in a stressful relationship, dealing with money-hungry family members, adjusting to his life as an artist, staying true to yourself as opposed to giving others the impression that he’s changed now that he’s signed to a major label, etc.

Stream and download Best in the World here!

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