Luke Tailor’s Got “Sallie Mae Blues” In His Latest Track, SheBreathesMusic, She Breathes MusicIn the first leak from his debut mixtape, TextBook Money, Sol Collective hip-hop and spoken word artist Luke Tailor touches on a topic that I know more than half of you starving college students can relate to.

It’s hard to study when your stomach grumbles, it’s even harder when ya baby brother has a daughter. You watch him try to find a balance between being a father and all you do is watch with sympathy because ya pockets empty.

Any college student in debt from having taken out student loans or any student that has had to support themselves throughout college without the help of their parents can relate to “Sallie Mae Blues.”

If you can’t, then you simply aren’t familiar with the particular struggle that Luke Tailor speaks on in this song.

Be on the look out for TextBook Money, expected to be released soon.

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