Jhené Aiko Reveals Favorite Song on "Sail Out," Talks Debut Album

During a brief interview with VIBE, songstress Jhené Aiko talks about how unexpected the positive reception behind her 2013 EP Sail Out was. She also reveals her favorite track on the project, which just so happens to be the exceptionally personal “Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle).”

It was the most raw, and I think the most honest, I think I’ve ever been in a song. And so, with the album it’s definitely gonna be more songs in that same vein of me just.. really not even second-guessing what I’m saying. Not a lot of actual writing on paper, but me just going in the studio and just like..saying how I feel.”

Aiko also revealed that she has recorded a song titled “Promises” for her Def Jam debut Souled Out, with her 5-year-old daughter Nami as a guest feature. And in case you didn’t know, Nami’s been taking after her mama (watch).

Check out the interview with VIBE below.

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