Beyoncé Unexpectedly Releases New Album on iTunes

Last night marked the 100th show of Beyoncé’s The Mrs. Carter Show, so it was only right for her to want to celebrate. However, no one knew that in doing so the Queen B would retreat to the net to surprise fans with the release of her brand new self-titled album. 
The album comes fully equipped with a whopping 18 videos, 14 original songs and it includes features from hubby Jay Z, two features from their toddler Blu Ivy, as well as prominent music artists such as Drake and Frank Ocean. What a way to get the people talking, huh? Right, as if they’ve ever stopped.

Be sure to purchase your copy of Beyoncé here and while you’re at it, check here to see if The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour stops in a city near you any time soon!

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