Dizzy Wright Doesn’t Get Writer’s Block

Funk Volume recording artist Dizzy Wright reached 300, 000 followers on Facebook, and in an effort to thank his fans, he released a new song titled, “No Writer’s Block, I Like To Rap.” His flow on this 6ix-produced track cannot be matched, he seriously floated all over this beat and as always, the lyrics speak volumes.

Raised in Vegas, but a Michigan n*gga when times get the hardest. I stick to the knowledge I grew up to receive. If you ain’t got a purpose to breathe, then you gon’ hurt me and leave. A walking angel, I’m coming at you from every different angle. But when I look in the mirror, I see a different person than me. Aye, who at war with theyselves?

If you don’t follow Dizzy’s music, you’re seriously missing out.

Listen to the track above.

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