EVENT: Nipsey Hu$$le Live at Assembly January 9

In support of his latest mixtape, CrenshawNeighborhood Nip will be kicking off his Crenshaw Tour next month and it just so happens to be kicking off in Sacramento first.

Nipsey will be touching down in the 916 on Thursday, January 9 to perform at the Assembly in Downtown Sacramento.

Tickets are not currently on sale, but I will be sure to update with a link when they do go on sale. For now, spread the word and let your homies know that Neighborhood Nip is coming to town!

1 thought on “EVENT: Nipsey Hu$$le Live at Assembly January 9”

  1. Ive been a Nipsey fan for a minute. Being from the west, its good to see cats like this tirnyg to make a return of the west.I think Nipsey needs a cosign of a veteran like Snoop. Imagine how good those two would be together. They have similar backgrounds and even voices.I heard Nip dissed Dre though? I hope thats not true.


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