Jhené Aiko Announces Release Date for "Sail Out" EP

 The moment that most of us have anxiously been awaiting has finally arrived – well, one of those moments. Def Jam songbird Jhené Aiko has finally set a release date for her upcoming EP, “Sail Out.” We can all mark Tuesday, November 12 on our calendars because that’s the date that has officially been set in stone. Along with the release date, Aiko also gave us the cover artwork and the seven tracks that will be featured on the EP.
Be sure to pre-order “Sail Out” on October 29.
• The Vapors [Ft. Vince Staples]
 • Bed Peace [Ft. Childish Gambino]
• Stay Ready (What A Life) [Ft. Kendrick Lamar]
• WTH [Ft. Ab-Soul]
• The Worst
• 3:16 A.M.
• Comfort Inn Ending (Freestyle)

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