Video: Lyfe Jennings’ – "Boomerang"

Anyone that really knows me knows that I don’t watch much television, but when I do, I’m usually watching ID Discovery, the Biography Channel, SyFy, Food Network, MTV Jams or Vh1 Soul. The other day I was laid back chilling while simultaneously listening to music on my phone and watching videos on Vh1 Soul (I have a habit of watching music videos on television while listening to music on my phone.) Anyway, I was surprised when I saw a Lyfe Jennings video come up on the screen (because I had been thinking he was still in jail). I knew it was a new video because I’m pretty familiar with Jennings’ work and I had never heard anything about this video or song. Distracted by whatever it was I was doing on my phone, I didn’t pay much attention to the video, but I knew off the bat that I liked the song. I sent myself a text message with the song’s title as a reminder to go back and download the song and re-watch the video later on. A day later, I did so and I think it portrays a very relevant message. A lot of people need to listen to this song and really take heed to what he’s saying. 

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