Check Out Jon Connor’s Album Cover + Tracklist for "Unconscious State"

Click photo to pre-order.

  • Unconscious State Prelude [July 2 JBK]
  • Unconscious State
  • Take The World Ft. Lia Mack, Lyric Da Queen + Jenna Noelle
  • Connor 25:17
  • The Sarah Song [Tour Life the Sequel]
  • Michigan $h*t Ft. Royce Da 5’9
  • Over & Over
  • F’N Right Ft. Freddie Gibbs
  • When I Was Young Ft. Chris Webby + Smoke DZA
  • Under Oath
  • In My Sleep Ft. Tito Lopez + Chelsea Blare
  • 2 Week Notice
  • The Porn Song Ft. D. Wayne + Chelsea Blare
  • Let Us Pray Ft. Willie Da Kid + 40 Da Great
  • Rise Up Ft. Talib Kweli
  • This Time Ft. Kevin George, Craig Owens, Yobi + Jenna Noelle
  • Judge & Jury
  • My Life Ft. Justin Daye + Caas Swift
  • Vodka & Weed Ft. Danny Brown
  • Running Away Ft. Jenna Noelle
  • American Pie Ft. Lia Mack
  • Outro

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