Big K.R.I.T. Makes His Sacramento Debut at Harlow’s

Photo by DJ Iron Lung
 Meridian, Mississippi native Big K.R.I.T. made his debut in the city of trees this past Wednesday, May 29 as his highly anticipated eight date West Coast Tour made its round to its fifth stop at Harlow’s Nightclub and Restaurant in the heart of Downtown Sacramento. 
 The event, put on by Sean Healy Presents, brought together a diverse crowd of concertgoers from various age groups and ethnic backgrounds. From black, white, Spanish, Filipino and even Indian, the club was swimming in a multicultural sea of hip-hop lovers. 
 After having been waiting an hour – okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, it was really an approximate 15 minutes, one could tell that the what was once an exuberant crowd had gradually grown to become rather restless with the host’s failed attempts at keeping them entertained with his freebies, monotonous conversation and his multiple requests to “turn up.” Having sensed this, he eventually threw in the towel and retreated backstage and let DJ Wally Sparks, Big K.R.I.T.’s tour DJ, showcase his skills on the 1s and 2s. 

As the multi-colored strobe lights slowly began to dim, fans excitedly inched their way closer to the stage, smartphones and digital cameras held high. Thunderous clapping and screaming erupted throughout the entire club as K.R.I.T. finally emerged from backstage and promptly tore into his set. 
Occasionally glancing around, I couldn’t put off the fact that there didn’t seem to be a stiff body in the building. Vigorous cuts such as Talkin Bout Nothing, My Trunk, Glass House and Rotation, etc., quickly elevated the crowd’s energy to new levels as they savagely fed his own lyrics back to him while he swaggered from one end of the stage to another. 
 As if the crowd’s intensity couldn’t have been amplified even more, it strenuously shot through the roof once K.R.I.T. brought out Smoke DZA to join him for a few songs, and later, his ‘country cousin’ Big Sant
 The ambiance of the club softened altogether once K.R.I.T. broke into more sentimental songs such as REM and Hometown Hero. Swaying about and looking on in admiration, it was apparent that the fans appreciated his laid-back material just as much as his energy-boosting songs. 
 Judging from the countless number of broad smiles and jubilant facial expressions upon the end of the show, I can almost certainly say that many departed with a better understanding of just why the candied yams and collard greens-eating emcee is presently known as a King Remembered in Time.

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