Watch Born Sinner Episodes 1 + 2

Recently, J. Cole launched a conceptual digital platform called Born Sinner, which was created by his DreamVille collective. The first two episodes of the series document Kay Cole, Cole’s mother, and Kendrick Lamar. Kay Cole weighs in on what it was like working at a post office and reminisces on the day that she retired. 

I always thought that I wasn’t doing anything with my life, because I was just delivering mail. And I didn’t think that I was making a difference, but I touched people everyday…” 

Kendrick Lamar speaks on what it was like listening to “gangsta rap” during his childhood and how it correlated with his Compton lifestyle. He also discusses a talk he had with Erykah Badu and being asked a particular question that he really had no answer to. 
What is your fulfillment? What are you looking for out of all of this?
I always figured I was a real strong-minded person. I fell and bumped my head a few times, being influenced by people around me, but I always felt like I was always a leader. But it’s a different kind of temptation when the spotlight is on you…
Watch the episodes below.

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