Jhené Aiko Speaks on Debut Album "Souled Out," Working With No I.D. & More

In an interview with ThisIsRnB, Jhené Aiko reveals that aside from putting on the finishing touches, her Island Def Jam debut album, Souled Out, is “pretty much done.” She also speaks on what it is like working with producer No I.D. and runs down a couple of other producers she has worked with for the album.
When it comes to being an artist, she says that it’s about “expressing your story.”

When it’s coming from the source, then it’s just more believable. People are connecting with it more and it’s just..it’s more important. It’s more special that way. And that’s how I write, like it takes me..it takes..after each song, I’m literally like.. I’ve lost like a piece of me because I put it into that song. So it’s hard for me to like..give it away.

Jhené also goes into detail about how effective marijuana is when it comes to writing and recording her music.

I got more into like..meditation and stuff like that, and like channeling those same type of thoughts without actually needing..you know, a drug. It’s pretty effective. It takes a lot more concentration and like focus.
In the below clips she reminisces back to the release of her mixtape sailing soul(s) and the dark visual that accompanied her song 3:16 a.m.

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