Mixtape: Evi Da Prince – "Groundwork"

A couple of weeks ago I was doing my daily read of one of my favorite blogs, Never Jaded when I came across an interview done by Tisha Jade. The interview focused on a young St. Louis talent by the name of Evi Da Prince. I was pulled in because I’m always excited to hear about new artists with potential, so by the time I had finished reading the interview I figured I’d give his mixtape “Groundwork” a listen. That’s all it takes, right? 
Though the 16-track mixtape in its entirety impressed me, two tracks in particular really grasped my interest: Track 13 “You Were My Baby” and track 14 “I Got It Made.”
I know that a lot of people can relate to the situation being played out in “You Were My Baby,” and I just happen to really love the “I Got 5 On It” sample from the Luniz that Evi used. 
If you like good music, I highly suggest that you listen to this mixtape.

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