Kendrick Lamar – Whatcha Know About It

This song “Whatcha Know About It” popped up on my Facebook newsfeed today. The disclaimer states that the audio is owned by Kendrick Lamar; however, when I listen to it I am really skeptical as to whether it is really Kendrick or not. Though it sounds extremely different from the Kendrick Lamar we hear today, it does sound like him a teensy bit. If nothing else, I know that the first 14 seconds are indeed Kendrick. It’s just really hard figuring out if it’s actually him rapping in the rest of the song, due to the fact that I’ve never heard material THIS old from him. I’ve heard “Training Day,” “C4” and all of his subsequent material, but this song is said to be on his very FIRST mixtape “Youngest Head N*gga In Charge” that he released when he was 17. “YHNIC” is the only body of work I have never been able to find, so it’s not like I have the mixtape to refer back to and say, “Yeah, it is him!” I’m determined to find out, though.

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