First and foremost,
Happy New Year everyone!
I hope that all of you have been enjoying this lovely holiday season with all of the people that you cherish the most!
I haven’t posted on this blog in almost a month, which I have my undisclosed reasons for.
Fortunately, I will be back to posting on my beloved blog very, very soon and of course the original domain name WILL be BACK!
I plan to take this blog in a new direction when I do begin posting again, as far as adding more content within the posts and switching up the music that I do choose to post. I feel like I have not molded my blog to be as versatile as it should be, so that thought alone has sparked many ideas that I do want to put into action. I indubitably plan to see to it that I begin covering more local music events so that I can include more reviews on the site. That’s just a bit of what I’ve been pondering over these past couple of weeks.
I hope that everyone has a very blessed, very productive and very SAFE new year and many more to come!

Don’t talk about it, be about it.”

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