Angel Haze Makes The "Song Cry"

Rapstress Angel Haze released her six-track mixtape “Classick” just a few weeks ago and I must say that it has been getting a lot of play in my iTunes library. The one track that undoubtedly stands out the most to me, though, happens to be “Song Cry.”
Now, usually I am skeptical when artists decide to remake classic songs (such as the tracks Haze made into her own) because I feel they sometimes just shouldn’t be touched. However, I’ll admit that I was awestruck when I heard this particular remake. I’m all for being able to relate to a song and this song I just connect with SO much. In fact, I’m sure that a lot of young ladies who’ve been in love can; or ANYONE who’s been in love, for that matter. 

“It was love/At least that’s what I figured it was. But it does/Some sh*t you’d never think that it does. Like make you rip and tear/At every single part of yourself. And show you things/You probably never even thought of yourself…”

If you can’t relate to those lines, then mannn… I just don’t see how you can’t. This lyrical wordsmith is definitely going to go far throughout her career and I’m excited for the day when she gets the recognition that she deserves now.

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