Download Omen’s J Dilla-Inspired EP "A Glorious Cool"

Omen is back with an EP, A Glorious Cool! You know I stay up on my Chicago people! :p He released it November 8th, but I been going through it this week, the usual; but anyways, he’s rapping over his favorite J. Dilla beats. I’m a youngin’, so I’m not as deep into J. Dilla as I should be, seeing as though, I am a music person. Weird, right? Yeah. I just know J. Dilla was a very important producer in Hip Hop. 
R.I.P. J. Dilla
On a completely different note, I’m listening to A Glorious Cool now, because I downloaded before I listened, because I knew I liked Look Of Lust 2, because the 1st Look Of Lust w/ Kendrick Lamar & Shalonda is definitely one of my favs from Afraid Of Heights
Support my Chicago folk and download A Glorious Cool here!
I think the artwork is so cute! 

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