New Mixtape: Traphouse Rock – Kids These Days

Kids These Days are back with a new project, Traphouse Rock! Kids These Days released Traphouse Rock on Tuesday, but I didn’t have the chance to post, due to an enormous amount of things on my plate this week, but here I ammm! K? K. I also haven’t had the chance to listen to the new music, because my computer wouldn’t let me download anything for 2 days. :\ BUT I’m more than sure that Traphouse Rock is nothing short of amazing! I definitely enjoy their singles: Don’t Harsh My Mellow, Who Do U Luv, and Bud Billiken a whole lot; and I also think you guys will love them too! Support my Southside Chicago people & Stream / Download Traphouse Rock below!
BTW, the graphic designer in me just LOVES the artwork for the cover! 
Incred! K.. Proceed.. 🙂

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