Recap: Direct Flight Tour

Good afternoooon!
So, I’m at school right now ..waiting on a friend so we can head over to my sister’s house. Andddd I’m pretty bored. Thought I’d blog about the Direct Flight show that I attended on Sunday.
Well, it was at Ace of Spades in Downtown Sacramento and the artists that performed were Fiend, Styles P, Trademark and Young Roddy and of course none other than the Jet Life ambassador himself, Mr. Curren$y the Hot Spitta
Fiend was performing when I arrived, and being that I haven’t heard anything but features from him, I can’t really tell you what songs he performed. But hey, that didn’t stop me from bobbing my head. Styles P took to the stage shortly after, performing a bit of “Locked Up” and “We Gon Make It,” he also did a quick freestyle that had the audience intrigued. After the freestyle, to the crowd’s surprise he jumped down into the audience and got the crowd hype as he spat his verse to “BMF.” Fans gathered around and formed a mini circle around him as they jumped up and down in unison with him. It was exciting. 
After Styles P’s set was over, Trademark and Young Roddy took to the stage to perform songs the two have done together. Young Roddy also performed a couple of cuts from his mixtape, “Good Sense.” 
Last but most certainly not least, Curren$y came out on stage to one of my ultimate favorite joints by him, “Airborne Aquarium.” He rapped the words to the song for a couple of seconds, before abruptly stopping. He performed a couple of songs off of “Covert Coup,” “Pilot Talk,” “Pilot Talk 2” and “Here.” He also brought Trademark and Young Roddy back out to perform “Roasted,” then allowed Young Roddy to take over the stage to perform “Tre 1st Commandments.” Styles P was also brought back out to assist Spitta with performing a few joints off of “The 1st 28.”
Unfortunately, my Canon was not charged so the footage that I shot on my phone is really mediocre. On the flip side, I got to chop it up with Young Roddy after the show. I told him I wanted him and ScHoolboy Q to hop on a track together, he said he’d go about trying to make that happen. He gave me a hug and I exited the venue (thanks to security yelling for people to leave). 
Meanwhile, outside Trademark was having a little meet-and-greet with fans, so I asked him to autograph my camera. He was really cool about it, and from what I saw he was nice to all of the fans that he interacted with. 
After he finished signing autographs and the photo-ops were over, he and Roddy directed a fan to their tour bus to review some footage of them that was shot. Afterwards, the two went and found a place to eat for some late-night grub and told me goodnight as they once again headed back toward their tour bus.
Overall, it was a great night.

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