Take A Listen: Energy – Iman Omari

Hmm, I don’t exactly know where to begin. Well, I’d say… a month ago, I was listening to MoRuf & Iman Omari‘s mixtape, Euphoria. I was zoning out way too much to actually pay attention, so I still have to give it another listen. I know I liked the guy who was singing on there though, Iman Omari. I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon his tape, Energy. I think I was googling some shit, and it came up. I knew he produced for OverDoz., but I never knew he was an actual artist. Yeah, so, I took the time to listen to Energy a while back, and .. I like it a lot. It’s very smooth, chill, and as my homie called it, it was “outer-space feeling.” Lol, truly, it is though. I went and did some research on the man, and he’s worked with THC (producer) for Kendrick Lamar‘s Chapter Ten on Section.80, and he’s also worked with Mac Miller (Fight The Feeling feat. Kendrick Lamar & Sunlight). Iman is a man of many talents, lol. I can appreciate that! I love Energy a lot, and I wanted to post about it, even though this came out… November 28, 2011. *sigh* It’s better late than never, right? RIGHT! There’s only 8 tracks on the whole thing. (……And if you’re wondering, yes, he’s from Cali. lol)
Out of 8, these are my favs:
First Time (feat. Good Joon (of OverDoz.)
Let Me
I like the other 3, those songs I listed above stick out to me more though. I also love this song that didn’t make the cut of Energy, Trippin’.
Iman Omari will be putting out a new mixtape (it feels so wrong calling it that) called (Vibe)rations on November 28, 2012. I believe it’s stylized like that, lol. That’s how he typed it on his Twitter. BTW, November 28th is his birthday. He’s a Sagittarius like me! o0o0o0o ~ ya jelly?
Download Energy here (or purchase it off iTunes for a fella outchea tryna make it!)
Follow Iman Omari on Tumblr here
Follow Iman Omari on Twitter here
Follow Iman Omari on Soundcloud here
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