Oldie But Goodie: Jon Connor – "Vicious Cycle"

This is a track that I came across last night while I was browsing on YouTube. Apparently, it was supposed to be featured on Connor‘s “Season 2” mixtape, but unfortunately, it didn’t make the cut. Why, I’m not sure, because this track is pure hip-hop and storytelling at its finest. Vicious Cycle” tells the story of an artist in a relationship with an insecure woman and the vicious cycle that the two repeatedly go through. Although I can’t personally relate to this song, it does make me get a bit teary-eyed because of the raw emotion in Connor‘s voice itself. He makes me feel as if I HAVE gone through this experience. When an artist can connect with you on an emotional level, they’ve certainly done their part in my book and it makes me gain so much more respect for them. With that being said, check out the song below.

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