She Breathes Music Two-Year Anniversary!

Today is the two-year anniversary of my blog!! It has progressed sooo much since I first created it and although it’s not exaaactly where I want it to be, I’m really happy with how it HAS progressed. The original name of this blog “,” then I changed it to “” and then I eventually went ahead and bought a domain. 
This blog originally started out as a semi-personal, random blog where I would post my poetry, random thoughts and sometimes venting. Ha. Somewhere along the line, it transpired into a blog based around music (my first love). Up until June 21, 2012, I didn’t have a “team” or anyone contributing, but now I do [Meet Channa], so I’m grateful for that. 
I’ve also had my first interview, very recently, with a hip-hop artist named Jon Connor. (I know y’all most likely have heard of him.) The interview was really special to me, being that it WAS my first interview. I was nervous at first, really nervous, but I know that this is something I can definitely see myself doing more of. 
In the future, I wouldn’t mind having more contributors for my site. I definitely hope that a year from now (and in more years to come) I still have my passion for blogging, because I have REALLY grown to LOVE blogging. 
I never planned to “become a blogger,” it was really a spur of the moment kind of thing. I’ve always loved writing, though. I just never thought that I’d be running my own blog. I’m not exactly sure in which direction I’d like to take my blog, but I know I’d like to do more reviews on music events that I attend and album/mixtape reviews as well. 
Who knows what else I’ll end up doing?! I hope you guys stick around to see! 


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