Video: Killer Mike Speaks On Super Group With Big Boi & Pill, Ric Flair + More!

Sermon’s Domain had the opportunity to chat with Killer Mike a few weeks ago during his stop in Seattle. The two talked about “That’s Life,” his favorite Ric Flair moment, working with Trouble on “Big Beast” and more!
Full synopsis below.
What led him to create “That’s Life” (0:18)
Why he decided to make a part two and if he’ll do future installments (0:49)
His favorite Ric Flair moment (1:09)
How he decided to put Trouble on the hook of “Big Beast” (1:57)
The likelihood of him and EL-P doing another album together (2:46)
Announces title of his next album: Elegant Elephant. Also, why he is using that title (3:10)
Discusses his Graffiti Swag Barbershop in Atlanta (3:29)
Where he sees the world going with all the negative changes and if we could turn it around (4:15)
If he’d rather have a feature with Eminem or a beat produced by Dr. Dre (5:31)
An update on the supergroup he formed with Big Boi and Pill (6:02)

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