Antionette’s Arising Artist of the Week: Dizzy Wright

Hailing out of Las Vegas, Nevada is 21-year-old Dizzy Wright. Dizzy Wright is signed to Funk Volume and I was put on to him about a week ago by Xalence. I’m really glad that I was, because he is pretty dope! And by dope, I mean LYRICAL, so of course I appreciate that! The first song of his that I listened to was “Nobody’s Teaching Game,” a track off of his “SmokeOut Conversations” mixtape that features another rapper that I was put onto, named Capo. It had to be around 1 A.M. when I downloaded the mixtape off of Datpiff, but once I went to extract the songs, the file was corrupt. So, I downloaded the mixtape from LiveMixtapes when I got up later that morning. The whole mixtape itself is really impressive, but some of my favorites would have to be, “Wake Up,” “Nobody’s Teaching Game,” and “Independent Living.” Another of my favorites from Dizzy that isn’t featured on the mixtape is a song that I came across on Spotify, called “Remembered.” Let me just say that I love the MESS out of that there song. I’m glad that I took the time out to listen to his music, his music actually has substance. Today is actually the first day of his tour and he’s going to be touching down at 330 Ritch in San Francisco on the 13th, so I may be attending. You can check out the tour dates here. If you haven’t already, download the mixtape in the link provided above. If your music taste is similar to mine, you won’t regret it!



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