My Thoughts On The 2012 BET Awards

Last night was the 12th annual BET Awards show and I would just like to share my thoughts about it. 

What I DID LikeI loved Usher’s performance, it was nice and simple. I lightweight liked Big Sean’s performance, I just think he should work on his stage presence a bit more. I love the energy that 2 Chainz’s gives the audience and of course, it’s always good to see Kanye rock the stage. The Whitney Houston tribute was amazing; Monica knowsss she has vocals for days. I loved seeing Brandy perform “I’m Your Baby Tonight,” that’s one of my favorite Whitney songs! Chaka Khan was just flawless, she sings so effortlessly. And Miss Cissy Houston, she has such a powerful and beautiful voice! I forgetting anything? Oh! I actually liked the song that Nicki Minaj performed (I don’t like the “Beez In Da Trap”  song, but I did like the performance. Looked like she was calculating her dance steps a little too much, though.) Her flow was reminiscent of the “Old Nicki” that I stumbled upon back in high school and actually liked.
What I DIDN’T Like: I did not think that Samuel L. Jackson did a good job of hosting. I mean, he’s pretty funny in a lot of the movies that he’s in (and the previous hosts of the BET Awards show have been funny), so of course I was expecting to be laughing. Unfortunately, I didn’t crack a single “HA.” I was more so like, “Okaaaay…and this is supposed to be funny?”

Anywho, I was disappointed in Chris Brown’s performance. Well, not even necessarily his performance. Just the fact that his stage time was cut short, because I just KNOW that he had way more up his sleeve than that performance he gave us. I mean, why wouldn’t he? He comes with it EVERY year, and his performance is what I ALWAYS anticipate EVERY year, because I just KNOW that he’s going to show OUT. I was p*ssed when he walked off of that stage! Like, “WTF?!?!”  BET gave all of that stage time to D’Angelo, and for what?! All he did was grunt and growl. Ha. I mean, I understand that it was his first televised performance in 12 years and it was a good performance, don’t get me wrong. HOWEVER, I do think that he prolonged it with his new “Sugar Daddy” song. At least his voice still sounds as good as it did back in the day, though.

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