Mixtape: Joey Bada$$ – 1999

I’m a little late (1999 came out June 12th), but I’m listening to 1999 as I type. Honestly, Joey Bada$$ is impressive, especially for 17. I almost became one of those people that slept on him, but luckily, I’m incredibly curious, especially when it comes to music. Thank God for that. Last night, I stumbled upon Hardknock, featuring one of his people from his crew, Pro Era (short for Progressive Era), CJ Fly. The record is dope, and they have bars for sure. I watched the video for Survival Tactics today, featuring another member of Pro EraCapital STEEZ. I love their delivery on the track and the production. I haven’t been able to sulk up everything yet. I’ll def need to listen again. (By the way, they’re from New York.) 
Songs I like:
Hardknock (feat. Feat. CJ Fly)
Survival Tactics (Feat. Capital STEEZ)
Funky Ho
Suspect (feat. Pro Era)
I think people should give Joey Bada$$ + Pro Era a chance, because they’re definitely worth a listen. Don’t let the age fool ya, ’cause man.. I swear, he’s nice.
Download 1999 here.
(…. I know I’m not the only one that thought of Lil Boosie when I saw his name though..)

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