Antionette’s Arising Artist of the Week: Ashley DuBose

Ashley DuBose is a singer-songwriter out of Twin Cities, Minnesota that I actually just came across while surfing the web. Her first [FREE] album, Somethin’ More dropped last month and her sound is very neo-soul with a bit of a twist of pop. So far, my favorite song would have to be Life Goes On. I’ve only given the whole album one spin, so maybe that’ll change after a couple more listens. 

Ashley names Let It Go, Guilty and Lose A Good Thing as her favorite songs on the album.

The inspiration behind this album is simply experiences that Ashley has gone through in her life. 

“To sum it up, every song is representative of my life experiences and common thoughts and worries over the last two years. A former relationship gone sour was the inspiration for songs like Guilty and Lose a Good Thing. My tendency to reminisce and wish I could freeze time and savor the good moments inspired me in writing songs like Memories and Forever. I also think a lot about death and the not so good facts/events of life, which aided in creating lyrics to Die Tomorrow, Memories, and Life Goes On. To sum it all up, Somethin’ More is a collective work that represents me and my thoughts, especially as of lately.” says Ashley.

To stay up to date on the newest music from Ashley DuBose, like her on Facebook. Stream and download her album below.

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