New Artist: Freddy Hefner

Yes, she’s indeed female. 
Freddy Hefner is a female “strapper” (singer turned rapper. weird term, right?) from Los Angeles, California. Gotta love the female rappers! Um, I’m not exactly sure how I feel about her music yet. I haven’t thoroughly went through her music, but I have seen a few interviews; she seems like a cool, colorful, sexy, and fun human being. I found out about her via Of course there are comparisons between Freddy Hefner and Azealia Banks, and accusations about “style-jacking” going on; more so on Azealia Banks’ part. You can read Miss Jia’s article here
Freddy Hefner‘s SoundCloud
Freddy Hefner‘s Twitter
Freddy Hefner‘s Tumblr
Freddy Hefner‘s YouTube

1 thought on “New Artist: Freddy Hefner”

  1. There is no need for her trying to cause controversy, people will just see that as her trying to use AB to come up. She's pretty and I like her mermaid hair! The more mermaids we have above land the better!


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