Stevie Williams + Lil Wayne Unveil New Apparel Lines for Macy’s

Yesterday, celebrity skater Stevie Williams and hip-hop artist Lil Wayne launched their collaborative apparel lines, “DGK” and “TRUKFIT” at the Macy’s Beverly Center Men’s Store in Los Angeles.
“DGK” was founded by Williams back in 2002; its acronym standing for “Dirty Ghetto Kids,” named after his childhood skate crew. Inspired by the skateboard culture, Williams based his brand on the idea “From those who come from nothing”.
DGK features hats, t-shirts and fleeces, as well as a street wear collection to incorporate the hip-hop culture into the urban skate lifestyle.

Photos + more after the jump.

Joining Williams in the unveiling of his new line, Lil Wayne unveiled his contemporary apparel line “TRUKFIT”. TRUKFIT features signature t-shirts, sweatshirts and hats for men and youth.

“What Wayne and I are doing is bringing skate culture inside of corporate entities where a lot of our fans shop and we’re proud to do this with Macy’s,” said Williams.

I actually like both of their lines. I’d definitely rock both, despite them being for “men” and all. It’s just the inner tomboy in me, ha.

Thanks EH!

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