Poem | "Second to NONE"

I wish I never met you
I wish I never let you
Come and be apart of my life
‘Cause now everytime I see your face
I wanna cry at the sight
Whether physically or mentally
You are always in my presence
But from this I’ve learned a lesson
Not to do no second-guessing
When you said you were no good
I should have BEEN  got to stepping
But I brushed it to the side
And let myself be my weapon
I let myself down
I am the one to blame
I should have never gotten attached
How I feel so ashamed
I changed in the process
‘Cause looking back, that wasn’t me
That was a young, lost chick who was blind
And couldn’t see –
Who she was becoming
She just wanted to be your woman
But she came to a conclusion that all the while she was running
From the truth
But the proof was right there in plain view
That the girl you wanted was HER
So, she said goodbye to YOU
Sadly, I realized that I am not your one
But best believe if I were, I would come second to N O N E

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