Lies …

I’m sure a lot of people may not know that April is “Poetry Month”, I posted about it on my Tumblr but not here, so there ya go. Anywho, being that it IS Poetry Month and I have yet to post any poems, I’m going to post one that I wrote about a month ago. I was just in class doodling and whatnot when I decided to write it, so here it is.

All these people telling lies 

I can look into your eyes

And see you ain’t ’bout that life

Nah, y’all ain’t ’bout that life

Man, who you tryna fool

Steady tryna look cool

Do not ever lie to kick it

That’s the number one rule

‘Cause I see right through that

I don’t know why you do that

Just be real with yourself, baby boy

Just cut the ACT

And y’all females too

At times y’all are worse than the dude

No need to get an attitude

‘Cause I’m just telling y’all the truth

Wake up and smell the coffee

Maybe you’ll feel better

Stop hating on eachother

Go out  and make that cheddar 

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