I know that a lot of people may say this, but I honestly don’t think that anyone really knows how much I truly, truly, TRULY LOVE MUSIC. It’s like..sometimes, I would just prefer to not do anything other than listen to music ALL DAY. Music is my AIR. Seriously. It takes me far off to a place unknown, a serene place where I can be alone with my thoughts, a place where I can be myself, where I can be free from all of my inhibitions. Music is just such a beautiful creation that I am ever so grateful for; because without it, I do not know WHAT I would do. I swear, the worst part of my days be when I’m getting ready to go to sleep and I know that I’m eventually gonna fall asleep and not be able to hear the music that I turn on to HELP me fall asleep. Music is just so wonderful, nothing better than finding a song that you can just totally relate to..songs for every mood. It’s incredible. The feeling that you get when you hear a certain song is just..at times indescribable. The flashbacks that occur from a certain song, priceless. Smh, it’s just hard to describe all of the exact feelings that music gives me. But yeah, I LOVE MUSIC!

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