"My Love For Music" [Final Draft]

This is the final draft to my “My Love For Music” personal essay that I have written for my Writing For Publication class. Like I previously stated, I was given the choice to write either an informational article, a how-to or a personal essay. I chose the personal essay, because what better to write about than something as personal to me as music? I’ve yet to receive my grade on this assignment, but of course I am praying to have gotten an A, because music means everything to me. Check out the final draft below. 

My Love For Music

Everyone has that one dear friend that they can always count on to be by their side throughout all of their hardships, right? Well, I sure do. When I was a kid, we did everything together! From sleepovers to birthday parties, to sports games; whenever we could we spent every waking moment together. Talk about inseparable.

This special friend has been with me literally, during both the good and bad moments. You know those days when you just want to be left alone and friends and family members just can’t seem to take the hint, so they continue to interrogate you about what’s bothering you?

“Are you sick? Do you not feel good? What’s wrong?” they’d ask.

“Nothing,” I’d casually reply, and leave it at that.

Whenever I replied with that response, it usually meant that just about everything was wrong. However, it seemed as if no one understood that; no one except my friend. If not anyone else, then rest assured this was the only friend who could relate to me 100% and vice versa. No matter what kind of mood I may have been in, never did I have to explain why I felt the way that I did. I could come bearing a fistful of tears and sure enough, I’d leave in much higher spirits than what I arrived.  Who is this friend that I speak so highly of, you ask? Why, of course, music.

Now, why I can’t quite recall the exact age that I fell in love with music, I do know that it was at a rather young age. I loved everything about it, from the lyrics to the instrumentals, to the way that it caused me to feel upon hearing it. Music enthralled me! All of the many genres raised my enthusiasm dramatically; R&B, Rap, Country, Pop, Rock, Jazz, etc.

The melodies just took me to a place completely unknown. Music has always been something that I could overindulge and immerse myself into without a care in the world. It took me away from the reality of the real world, while opening my eyes to the real world all at the same time.

At times I listen to songs and think, “Wow, it’s crazy how a song can express exactly what I’m going through right now,” and then I go, “Well, these music artists are human just like I am. Of course I’m not the only one who has felt this exact way.”

In a way, music is all I know. Some days, music is all that I need to get me through the day. Some days, I don’t want to do anything except lie down and listen to my music. Music opens my eyes and changes my perspective on life in ways that many other things have been unsuccessful at doing so. Some kids get involved in extra-curricular activities to keep themselves busy, music IS my extra-curricular activity.

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