Effed Up Generation

I wrote this post a couple of months ago, and I should have posted it the very day that I wrote it … buuuut, yeah. Never mind all of that. I was just doing my usual random journaling when I wrote this, I feel like what I discuss in this post applies to a vast majority of my generation, so read up!

This generation is so messed up. Nowadays, the qualities that a lot of females look for in guys are ridiculous. If you’re “tatted up,” rock Js and snapbacks, you’re good in their book. Not to say that there’s anything wrong with those guys, but that shouldn’t be all that a female looks for in a guy. What about intelligence, personality, goals…?! I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t want a guy whose top priority is to ink his whole body while not giving a motherfxck. The same goes for guys and their expectations of females. If you’re light-skinned with big tits and a big butt, then you’re good to go. Really? No, really?

Anyway, I can’t get down with someone who just wants to be a couch potato and sleep the day away and party when darkness falls. NO! I can’t have that, I need someone with just as many goals as I have. Yes, I’m young and there is nothing wrong with having a little fun. However, having fun for me does not mean wasting my time on young-minded individuals. You guys (both males and females) need to get it together. You’re steady bragging on how many tattoos you have, how much alcohol you can consume, how much weed you can smoke. How about you brag about having good grades, brag about your GPA, brag about having a college degree, brag about having a corporate job. How about THAT? Maybe THEN, I’ll take you seriously. Until then, get . it . together . 

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