Rest In Paradise Whitney Houston ♥

Earlier today, I was talking on the phone with my little sister while scrolling down my Twitter timeline when I saw a tweet posted by KTVU news saying, “AP: Singer Whitney Houston has died at the age of 48.” I gasped, my mouth literally dropped down. Immediately, I was in DENIAL. I absolutely REFUSED to believe that THEEE Ms. Whitney Houston had passed on. Even though KTVU is usually a reliable news station, I still figured that they had just read somewhere that she had passed and decided to tweet it without confirmation. That’s what I wanted to believe. So, I went to Google news and searched it. I saw nothing. So, I waited awhile even as I began to see a few more tweets of people in disbelief as well. Then, I got up from my laptop and scrambled for the remote control, turned the television on and turned to CNN. Sure enough, there it was. Confirmed. It’s still shocking…like, I’m still in disbelief. Talk about the unexpected. Smh. Whitney Houston’s music has definitely inspired many of the artists that you listen to today, and it will forever live on.

Rest In Paradise to the legendary Ms. Whitney Elizabeth Houston

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