ScHoolBoy Q Live In Oakland March 4th!

Today I found out that one of my new favorite rappers is going to be having a show in Oakland at The New Parish. That new favorite rapper just so happens to be ScHoolBoy Q!
Now, ever since “Habits & Contradictions” dropped, I have been contacting promoters in Sacramento trying to figure out how I would go about getting Q out here for a show – to NO avail. So, since I have yet to persuade these promoters to get him out here for a show (oh, and I WILL eventually succeed in persuading them) – I will most DEFINITELY be attending his show in Oakland! 
Now, Oakland is way far from where I reside; but I don’t care – I HAVE to be in attendance at this show, so that I can lose my voice from screaming out ALL of the lyrics! I’m juuuuiced!

If you are interested in attending this show, get your tickets here!

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