Happy Black History Month!

Happy Black History Month! ❤ I meant to make this post earlier, however I was at school alllll day, but it's not midnight yet – sooooo, I still managed to get a post in on the first day of Black History Month. LOL. Anywho, I know that some people have their issues with Black History Month, such as Black History Month being given the shortest month out of the year. My thing is, be appreciative that we were even given a month at all. I'm not saying that black people should only acknowledge their culture one month out of the year, because they shouldn't – but at the same time, don't be such a downer about it. I just don't get why people have to make such a big issue out of everything, if you don't want to celebrate it – no one's forcing you. Just don't get mad at those who do celebrate and try to get at them sideways as if February IS the only time that they acknowledge and take pride in their culture, because that isn't the case. With THAT being said, I hope that everyone has a great Black History Month! Educate yourselves people! ❤

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