Drake Live At UC Davis Pavilion 3/7/12 – Club Paradise Tour!

So, I was on the way to school this morning and I was listening to the radio when I heard the words, “Drake” and “Club Paradise Tour,” so immediately I thought that the broadcasters were talking about the Club Paradise concert in San Jose (the one that I was originally gonna go to). Little did I know, another tour date was added and it just so happened to be in Davis! Unlike San Jose, Davis is muuuuuch more closer to where I live, so of course I would rather attend THAT specific concert. Anywho, I did some research while I was in class and found out that the presale tickets (with a code) went on sale today from 10am-10pm, so of COURSE I bought my ticket! It was pretty cheap too! I am suuuuuper excited to see Kendrick Lamar live again for the second time! I guess I’m also excited to see Drake because I’ve never seen him live. My only hope is that Drake comes WITH IT while he’s performing, because y’all KNOW his stage presence is not all that! Aside from Kendrick and Drake, Chase N Ca$he and A$AP Rocky will be performing as well. I’ve heard a few A$AP Rocky songs but not enough to formulate an opinion about his music yet, and as far as Chase N Ca$he, I’ve yet to hear ANY of his music, so it should be a pretty interesting night! I’m stoked! ❤ General admission tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am, click here to purchase!

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