That One Person

We all have that one person that just makes you feel so goood when you’re spending time with them, right? That one person that no matter how HARD you try to prevent yourself from thinking about them, that one person that you LITERALLY have to tell yourself to stop thinking about, yet they’re all you think about anyway? (Invading your thoughts and ish.) That one person that makes your stomach get all queasy when you see them? That one person that sends electrifying CHILLS down your body just from HUGGING them? That one person that makes you flash a big kool-aid smile just by seeing their face? That one person that has you checking your phone EVERY five minutes? (Smh.) That one person that you think you see EVERYWHERE you go? (Got you tripping and ish.)That one person that the most you’ve done with them was hold hands and hug? Ah yes, that ONE person that you want to be your boo?! Well … I know I do. ❤

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